-Taiwan is an inseparable part of China
-Guidelines and Policies for Chinese government to Solve the Taiwan Issues
-Status Quo and Development of Cross-Straits Relationships
-Cross-Straits Dialogues & Negotiations
-International Consensus
-Oppositon to “Taiwan Independence” and Efforts for Reunification
  As Dr. Sun Yat-sen had pointed out, the overseas Chinese are the source of (Chinese) revolution. The overseas Chinese who are in a large number have a glorious tradition of patriotism, and facing the wrong-doings of the “Taiwan Independence”...
  1.Opposition to Taiwan Independence and Advancement of Reunification in Europe more
  2.“Oppostion to Taiwan Independence and Advancement of Reunification” in North America more
  3.“Opposition to Taiwan Independence and Advancement of Reunification” in Asia more
  4.Opposition to Taiwan Idenpendence and Promotion of Reunification in Other Places more
  5.United Struggles for the Reunification more

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